Phase 1, 2 & 3

Our Additionand New Home building process is fairly straight forward and completed in phases listed below.

Phase #1 – Design and Planning

We start our business relationship with a low commitment Design and Planning Agreement. The Agreement Terms are basically pay as you go. We join together todetermine the space you need and design preliminary plans according to building restrictions and zoning requirements. We then fine tune the plans by revising the plans and specifications. Once the revisions are complete we create the structural, electrical and mechanical drawings with details needed for subcontractor bids including finishes, fixtures and appliances.

Phase #2 – Bidding and Pricing

In this phase we provide the current drawings and specifications to our subcontractors for bid. We then visit the site together with our preferred subcontractors to see the actual physical conditions and structures and equipment to work with. We get a minimum of two bids per major trade to have options to help determine which Subcontractors are a better fit for our project needs. Once we have the Subcontractor commitments and proposals we provide a proposal for the overall job based on current plans and specifications. Along with our proposal we provide a project budget and project schedule.

Phase #3 – Construction and Finishes

By this time we hope to have earned your trust and confidence enough to be your Contractor of choice. If we are awarded the job we apply for all necessary permits and determine a start date to commence work. We then build the job with strict quality control standards and communicate the selection and decision needs from you in accordance with the timing of construction. We obtain construction progress payments at certain milestones of the project through completion never being paid ahead of time to ensure a large incentive for timely completion. Once the final inspections and punch list are complete we collect the final payment on another job well done!

Build your project with us!

We have great Architects, Designers, Civil Engineers, Structural Engineers, Project Managers and Master Craftsmen to get your project done efficiently and on time. We use only premium lumber and building products on our projects and are very energy conscious about different construction application installation. We use only 2×6 exterior walls on our projects for strength and high insulation capacity. We never install wall or floor systems on 24” centers like many other builders so your finish surfaces stay flawless for much longer with minimal to no nail pops or settlement cracks. We have strict quality control standards on all project phases to ensure we can meet our goals and yours!

We help keep your project on track and on schedule by having our team work with you to complete your selections and decisions on our room by room fixture and finish schedule. This fixture and finish schedule along with the project plans and specs helps us quickly and efficiently build your project with the least amount of hold ups. We schedule your project week by week according your particular fixture and finish schedule and we maintain that schedule by enforcing strict scheduling guidelines and efficient Project Management techniques.

It is our goal to provide you with a great building experience and a great project for a great price. When considering a building contractor for your project please consider us. We can build from our plans or yours and work within most budgets. Add us to the mix of your current prospective builders and see how we compare.

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