Blue is Green!


Green Building & Remodeling
Many building products these days are geared toward going or being green. Most have a great short term payback (like insulation) while others are not as affordable and actually cost more in the purchase price than you save over the lifespan (like some recycled counter tops). Window, siding and roofing manufacturers have greatly improved products to help green up your place and we can provide most of these products through our local suppliers. We believe by using higher quality green building products that the long term savings and just knowing you did the right thing by choosing eco-friendly products will be worth the price.


Material that is removed from our sites in dumpsters by Industrial Disposal Services (our waste and disposal provider) is sorted and recycled including but not limited to concrete, brick, blocks, plaster, drywall, fiberglass, wood framing, wiring, roofing, piping and even old appliances. Most of our other trash waste from our projects gets sorted at the Fairfax County Transfer Station before going to the landfill. We recycle cardboard, plastic, wood and metals that come from our projects before it even goes to the transfer station. Most other trash products we handle are properly disposed at this same facility.



Conserving energy can bring great rewards to your wallet. Lower wattage light bulbs on dimmers and energy saving appliances are a great way to start saving money instantly. One of the best ways according to the EPA is to insulate your attic space with the recommended amount of insulation for your region. There are many other ways like reducing hot water usage, lowering hot water heater temperature settings, programmable thermostats, replacing door weather stripping, and the like. Look for our seasonal specials in your area to take advantage of great energy saving values.

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