Why us?

  • They want a qualified and experienced team working together to make their project or replacement a success
  • They want a company with a solid well organized field structure and Quality Control Program
  • They want a designated Project Manager overseeing their project from start to finish
  • They want the same quality job that the “big guys” do without the “big guys” price tags
  • They want to easily order service by solid contract terms, or hourly and daily work
  • They don’t want their project to drag on due to not having enough resources to get your project done efficiently
  • They don’t want excuses day after day or week after week for project delays for easily rectified problems
  • They don’t want to be inconvenienced any longer than needed by their project needs and processes
  • They don’t want to accept the risk of having unqualified workers or subcontractors at their home

We strive to provide a good business experience for our clients and all of our resources involved with our projects. Our Quality Control systems and Checklists work very well for our Project Managers and Lead Carpenters to keep our projects rolling as smooth and efficiently as possible. We maintain daily and weekly schedules, action item logs, and specific details about each project in our project job folders. Our project folders are updated daily and weekly. Information in our Project Folders are reviewed and improved monthly.

Comparing us and our services to the home improvement “big 3” (Sears, Home Depot and Lowes)? There really is no comparison. We do not use sneaky sales tactics making you think you are getting something you are not or sell you massive labor warranties hidden in the total price that you will never use. We do not tell you it will be done in 10 days when it really takes 10 weeks. We do not “qualify” unqualified installation contractors and subject our clients to the issues that come with that sort of contracting business. Do not expect to have these common complaints and issues with us.

We are not saying we are perfect (as we are humans and not machines), but we are pretty darn good at what we do! Still considering using one of the “big 3” over us or another quality Independent Contractor? Read through some of the issues and complaints from other customers who have had “big 3” services and you will hopefully reconsider.

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