Additions and New Construction

BuildingOften times homeowners need to have more space for comfortable or practical living and moving to a bigger place. Please consider us to design and build your addition to suit and fit your needs. We have extensive experience in working with County Officials, Architects and Engineers to get through the design and permit phase of any project large or small. Whether you need to add more living space with bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms or just a sunroom, let our experience and knowledge go to work for you. We do all we can to make the experience positive and reduce the typical construction burdens so you can go about you family and work life as normal as possible. Send us your plans or call us today to get started with your Design/Build project with us.

Considering building a new home? Many times addition and remodel works scopes get so large that it may be worthwhile to consider doing a tear down project and put a new home on your lot instead of adding and remodeling. With the average cost of new home construction being $100+ per square foot and average home additions being $200+ per square foot it is usually easy to figure out which process works within your budget and your needs. Though we have only built few new homes we would be a great pick for yours!

We build our new homes and additions with 2×6 exterior wall construction for better thermal efficiency, strength and noise reduction. Our insulation installations are second to none exceeding standards set by the Department of Energy. We also use top quality building products and practices to ensure the highest level of building quality and finish.

There are many other factors that determine actual construction costs mostly being project size and finishes but regardless your money goes far with us and our resources. One of the best advantages to building new is having all new plumbing, mechanical, electrical systems as well as uncompromised insulation and finishes.We budget your home or addition line by line so you can see where each dollar is accounted for. Our budget is very clear on the fixed cost and flex cost allowance items and we will work with you to fix cost as many of the items as possible to have the least amount of surprises as possible.

There also is usually much bigger living value and resale value in having a 1-10 year old home rather than 40+ year old home. If you are contemplating which process is better for you call us for a free consultation. Let us take a look at your Home Plans for a contract proposal or call today to get started with your Design/Build project with us. Need help financing? We can help with that too. You will also have to account for at least 8-10 months in another home once construction starts.

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